L&W RPA Use Case “Joiners, Movers, Leavers”

Time: 86% Efficiency Gain | Effort: 100% Effort Reduction | Quality: 0% Errors

This use case regards delivering an RPA proof of concept to automate parts of the Joiners, Movers, Leavers process, which due to the unique circumstances of our clients’ business, the HR and IT teams were continually inundated and overwhelmed with employee JML requests across their various business units. Critical success factors for the POC included the timeliness of updates, the security of the sensitive data and productivity to reduce the manual effort consumed by the existing process.

The overall end-to-end JML process was very extensive, so the Joiners IT Account set-up sub-process was prioritised for POC. A number of spreadsheets and documents were being used to capture new new starters information, which was then manually updated and entered into several unintegrated legacy systems including an essential validation step of the manual data entry.

For the POC, we initially standardised and simplified the JML template using Sharepoint templates, as this was most appropriate and available.

Two robots were developed: 1) a dispatcher and 2) a performer.

The dispatcher managed the JML templates process, ensuring everything was completed and approved and then queued for processing, according to priority (such as joiner start date);

The performer robot then processed the joiner account set-up, which included the some or all of the following, depending on the individual joiner:

  • Email and distribution groups
  • Network drives and printers
  • HR, Time Tracking and Time and Expense systems accounts access
  • ERP system access (based on role profile)
  • Security access pass request
  • Canteen card set-up request

  • IT/Procurement hardware ticket request (computer, peripherals, phones, etc.)

The entire automation was developed and went live within eight weeks. Return on investment for the automation was an average 183% per annum, a payback period of 6.3months and a benefit to cost ratio of 5.7:1.

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