RO-BLOG#10: Smart RPA

Smart RPA – The Enabler of Smarter Business Process

Smart or Intelligent Automation is the augmented result of combining RPA with other advanced technologies and human interaction to create truly intelligent solutions that deliver valuable business benefit and outcomes.

For example, take a simple invoice process:

  • RPA can monitor an email account or web portal, then transfer supplier data and download invoice documents

  • OCR can extract data from the invoice images

  • Machine Learning can learn patterns and improve the OCR outputs to reduce exceptions and the need for manual corrections

  • RPA can then update systems, trigger workflow for approvals and process payments

  • Finally, RPA can notify and update suppliers, and even a Chatbot using NLP, could talk to suppliers directly to answer questions via a supplier chat function

  • The human element can focus purely on managing true exceptions and decision-making where more complex judgement is required, or simply where a more human, personal touch is preferred


The degree of complexity and the type of processes involved will determine the level of automation sophistication required and technologies needed.

However, smart automation can enable truly digital transformation and synchronise front and back-office operations very seamlessly and in the process, add value to customers, suppliers and employees alike.

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